Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?! These are the words spoken at meetings of a long-established fellowship that provides an anonymous space for people struggling with issues with alcohol or substances. Individuals can go to these meetings and get support from others struggling or recovering from their addiction / abuse issues. It sums up very well the cycle that many people can end up living in, one where the pain of the previous weekends binge drinking, or drug use is forgotten by a Wednesday or Thursday and then the drinking and excess starts all over again until its back to “never again” on Monday morning – that dire feeling of lethargy, anxiety and fed-upness. But the cycle does not stop.

Culturally and historically Ireland had an image of a country of Drinkers. Pop-culture references have a comedic take on the Irish and their drinking and we have had many famous artists and musicians who have flown the flag for Irish excess with drinking and substances. Anyone who has struggled with alcohol or substances knows there is nothing funny or humorous about the struggle and it certainly is not glamorous.

More recent developments in our society have brought us “generation wellness” and a definite cooling off, of the hard drinking image – this has brought great choice into Irish society; you can now go that path and not participate in what was just standard behaviour of our long-established pub culture. An openness about the destructive side effects of alcohol can be seen discussed on social media – and there is a healthier and more open dialogue about the realities of alcohol and substance use.

Even with these positive developments, cocaine use has never been more prevalent in Ireland. It is present everywhere from Dublin city centre to rural Ireland and users range from from finance world employees to GAA players. It has insidiously worked its way into our society, with no sign of abating. It creates mental health issues, financial issues and affects relationships, families, and communities in a devastating manner. It is typically taken with alcohol which creates a unique toxin – coca ethylene; this product is stronger than either cocaine or alcohol alone. It increases toxicity to the heart, liver, and other major organs. This is what is going on at the weekends for many people – the dangers of these behaviours are real, but they have been somehow normalized to the point where that does not seem to register.

So, why do so many people engage in these destructive and unhealthy behaviours if they have a choice? Why do so many promise -“never again” but simply forget about this promise to themselves and continue down the rabbit hole. How can we have so much information to hand online and have public dialogues about the dangers of these substances and alcohol and still bludgeon our bodies with these substances. The answer to these questions is unique to each person. The first thing you need to ask yourself, is do you want to change. If the answer is “Yes” – then you have the power to effect this change for yourself, with help and professional support.

Remedy Clinic has a team of professionals who can work with people struggling with alcohol and substance abuse. Receiving counselling in our Dublin Centre can be the start of the change you want in your life. If you are sick and tired of the pattern of drug or alcohol use, you can be assured that you can talk to a professional who will guide you to the best and most appropriate route for you to take in your personal journey. Our Psychotherapists will work with you on the root cause of any patterns in your life you want to change. Counselling and Psychotherapy are non-judgemental processes led by informed and experienced practitioners who know that there is always a “why” to unhealthy behaviours. Drug and alcohol use appeal more to those who need to be soothed from what ever pain or distress they have experienced, or they endure. Counsellors and therapists in Remedy can help you get to the why, and to get to address pain and distress underlying alcohol or substance abuse.
Counselling in Dublin at Remedy Clinic can be the start of another way of approaching life, your relationship with drugs and alcohol and your relationship with yourself.

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