Dietician Consultations

Claudia Guerrico

Claudia is a Registered Dietician at CORU (DI 042760) in Ireland and member of INDI, the Institute of Nutrition and Dietetics of Ireland.

Claudia qualified as Dietician in Uruguay, her home country, at the University of Republic. She later developed as a lecturer of Nutrition during  life stages.

She then completed a Postgraduate in Mediterranean Diet at Barcelona University in Spain and a Masters of Investigation in Primary Health Centres.

She has vast experience delivering Dietetics and Nutrition in both clinics and acute environments such as hospitals to patients with heart disease, digestive problems, or diabetes; but also in a more preventive and educational approaching on weight management, education on healthy habits, and nutritional coaching, working individually and in groups.

Claudia believes in working in a Multidisciplinary Team in order to assist clients from a holistic point of view.

Recently she has also worked as a bariatric surgery dietician developing a refeeding system to be applied after surgery; and is also an experienced eating disorder dietitian.

She is a communicative professional, having written many magazines and journal articles about Nutrition and Dietetics, and also participates actively in Radio interviews and other social media.

Her consultations consist of investigating and understanding your daily life and eating habits, identifying risks, working one to one to design a personalised meal plan, organising your hours, food shopping, teaching dietetic skills, and focusing on motivation and achievements in every session.

Available: every Wednesday from 6 pm

Prices: First session and any session o 60 min: 100 €

Reviews of 30 min 80€

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