Join our Counselling & Psyhcotherapy Team

There is no need to setup your own office, run marketing campaigns or even worry about day to day bills. As an independent professional working from Remedy Clinic all you have to do is practice. Our experienced management team offers back office support, marketing support and ensures you are connected with the right type of clients for your business. Talk to us today to learn more. We also work with other wellbeing consultants, including dieticians, NT’s, Lifestyle Medical practitioners, NLP professionals – you can contact us below also to enquire about working from Remedy Clinic.

Established Counselling & Psychotherapy practice

Open since 2016 and catering for nearly 200 clients per week, we are an established and highly regarded centre for mental wellbeing. We are always on the lookout for dedicated and experienced professionals who feel the same way we do about assisting our clients with their mental heatlh and general wellbeing. If this is you contact us using the form below.

Existing Team

Our existing team inlcudes people not listed on our website, so if you want to link in just for space for a weekly practice in a new location, feel free to send us a message. We have over 40 professionals who work from Remedy Clinic, and all professionals collaberate and utilize the skill base in the centre for onward referral and specialist referral.

Quality Therapy Spaces

We have the best therapy rooms in Dublin, they are in a secluded development with no noise pollution. All the rooms are soundproofed and decorated neutrally, yet tastefully. Clients need a fresh and relaxing environment to work with a therapist, we have ensured that the spaces in Remedy Clinic are the best possible for our clients.

Remedy Clinic Dublin