Have relationship difficulties that you’d like to work through with a counsellor? Searching for somewhere that provides relationship counselling in Dublin? If you answered yes to these two questions, then the Remedy Clinic is the ideal  place for you to attend. We are a leading provider of counselling and psychotherapy, based in person in the city centre of Dublin and offering online services too.


From relationship counselling to depression counselling, our therapists cover a number of areas, so whatever your personal needs – we’re here to help. We’re focused on providing a safe, comfortable and welcoming space for all of our visitors, so that you’re in the best place to explore any difficulties you’re facing. 


To book our relationship counselling in Dublin, please visit the Remedy Clinic website today. 


What are the Common Signs of Relationship Issues?


Healthy relationships run smoothly, and both you and your partner are able to fully enjoy your life, work and social activities. Sometimes, however, relationships can run into difficulties and issues can arise which affect daily life. There are a number of signs that indicate a relationship might be in trouble. One of the biggest indications is that communication is limited and mostly negative. Common communication problems include criticising each other, giving each other the silent treatment and repeatedly having arguments about the same things. 


Other signs of relationship problems include humour at the other’s expense, spending less time together, not having fun together, one partner not listening, and regular conflict. If any of these issues are creeping into your relationship, then it might be a good idea to speak with a couples therapist – particularly if the relationship is worth saving. Should you wish to talk through your relationship problems, then the Remedy Clinic provides leading relationship counselling in Dublin at affordable rates.


How Can We Help?


Here at the Remedy Clinic, our relationship therapist offers personal relationship counselling in Dublin working with couples. No matter your background or needs, our therapist is here to support you and help you work through all the issues you’re currently facing in your marriage or relationship.


It doesn’t matter what the issue is, regardless of how significant or insignificant it might seem, we’re here to provide caring, supportive and non-judgemental counselling in a safe space. Our couples counselling is a process of discovery and it requires commitment, engagement and hard work. Our counsellor will always be available to provide the support you need in the long term.


Need Relationship Counselling in Dublin?


If you would like to have couples therapy with one of our counsellors, then please contact the Remedy Clinic today. You can have an appointment with one of our dedicated relationship therapists; sessions last an hour and are priced at €70.00. Feel free to call us today on 01-6855832 or email us at info@remedyclinic.ie.

To book an appointment for our relationship counselling in Dublin, choose a time and date via our website’s appointment system, and leave your contact details. We have good availability, so you can select a time and date that suits you. Meanwhile, visit our website to explore all of our talking therapy and wellness consultancy services in more depth.

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