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Patricia Heneghan


Patricia is a Psychotherapist and Counsellor who holds a Masters in Clinical Supervision and a BA (Hons) in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Patricia also has a Diploma in Clinical Supervision across Professions, and a Diploma in Psychotherapy (Tivoli Institute).  Patricia also has a Certificate in Couple Counselling, and is accredited with IACP as a Counsellor and Clinial Supervisor.


Patricia offers her clients a safe and confidential space. Patricia believes that counselling can change lives, as she has witnessed this in her clients who stick with and finish therapy.  Patricia works with what is happening in the here and now, and sometimes linking present to past.   Once clients make this link, and become aware of how the past is impeding their present life, the client from gaining this awareness,  can begin to make changes that help them going forward to leading a more fulfilled life.


Clients who are committed to working on themselves, and who take up the coping mechanisms, and who are prepared to work on their issues always succeed in becoming the true version of themselves.


Patricia uses an integrative style that incorporate different therapies. Patricia works initially to free the client in the here and now, then she offers the client the opportunity of getting to the root of the problem by doing Inner Child Healing. This therapy is a very powerful therapy that frees the feelings from the body, and help clients to become more ascertive.


Patricia describes therapy as being similar to climbing a small hill in e.g. Connemara, coming home, packing the suitcase in the hope of climbing Mount Everest. Of course, this is not possible but by climbing the small hills, and allowing ourselves sometimes to slip back, and by being prepared to get up and fight for our lost ‘self’ someday we are able for our Mount Everst.


Patricia maintains that it is a privilege working with people, it always moves her to see client leaving therapy as much stronger people.


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Full Qualifications

M.A. Clinical Supervision

B.A. (Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy

Diploma in Psychotherapy

Diploma in Clinical Supervision

Certificate in Couple Counselling


Fee: 70 euros


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