Chartered Counselling Psychologist

Renata Fernandes de Oliveira


Renata is Chartered Counselling Psychologist and Chartered Forensic Psychologist of the Psychological Society of Ireland. She works with patients diagnosed with psychosis, bipolar disorders, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, relationships difficulties, victims of violence, critical patients such as self-harm and suicide attempts, in addition to patients undiagnosed, however looking for a better quality of life and achieving different goals. Her areas of expertise include Mental Health, Analytical Psychology, Expressive Arts Therapy, Sandplay Therapy, individual, group and family therapy, besides psychiatric intervention.


Renata is a Senior Counselling and Forensic Psychologist who has started her career in Mental Health, researching forensic psychiatric patients both in her Master’s and PhD. She has conducted two post-doctoral investigations at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro: In the first (Institute of Psychology), she has researched criminology and mental health; during the second (Institute of Psychiatry), the stigma of madness and dangerousness. During both periods she has taught seven courses about psychology, criminology, and mental health for undergraduate and post-graduate students, apart from working at the Day Hospital of the Institute of Psychiatry as a member of a multidisciplinary team.


Renata has a collaborative approach, mostly dedicated to the Analytical Psychology developed by Carl Gustav Jung, which comprises Dream Analysis, Expressive Arts Therapy and Sandplay Therapy as tools in the therapeutic process.

Fees: €120 per 50 min Session. Reduced rate can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.


– Chartered Psychologist of The Psychological Society of Ireland (C.Psychol.,Ps.S.I.)

– Chartered Counselling Psychologist of The Psychological Society of Ireland (C.Couns.Psychol.,Ps.S.I.)

– Chartered Forensic Psychologist of The Psychological Society of Ireland (C.Forensic.Psychol.,Ps.S.I.)

– Board member of the Division of Forensic Psychology of The Psychological Society of Ireland

– Post-doctor of Psychology, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

– Post-doctor of Psychiatry and Mental Health, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

– Doctor of Psychology, University of Minho

– Master’s in Criminal Sciences and Law, University of Coimbra

– Bachelor’s in Psychology, University of Saint Ursula

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