Remedy Clinic – Counselling Dublin City Centre for Self-Harm. 

Self-harm can be a one-off event or it can become a repeated behaviour. It is something that can be aided by counselling and psychotherapy.

What Is Self-Harm?

Self-harm is any sort of behaviour that involves the deliberate causing of pain or injury to yourself. Self-harm can include many behaviours including cutting, biting, burning, scratching, hitting, pulling out hair, or the abuse of drugs and alcohol. Self-harm is a maladaptove behaviour used as a way to manage or respond or express pain or feelings of distress.

What Are the Signs of Self-Harm?

While every case will be different and vary from person to person, here are some common signs that someone may be self-harming:

  • Hiding dangerous objects such as razor blades or lighter.
  • Dressing inappropriately for the weather.
  • Avoiding activities like swimming that will expose the body.
  • Washing clothes separately.
  • Having unexplained wounds.
  • Expressing feelings of anxiety.
  • Expressing feelings of depression.
  • Lack of interest.

Self-Harm Treatment

If you need help, you need to speak to a qualified therapist/counsellor. They will help you determine a suitable treatment path.

In an emergency contact 999 or your GP or out of hours GP.


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