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Why EAP - Employee Assistance Programme?

In today’s busy commercial world, worsening mental health status and consequent stagnating productivity are major concerns for employers and their employees nationwide. Stress is also a major concern for employers, employees and managers, and mental health and stress related issues can significantly contribute to loss of job satisfaction and productivity.

Employees are affected by factors such as:

•  Stress, Anxiety and Depression
•  Sleep problems
•  Job pressures / Upskilling demands
•  Financial Concerns
•  Relationship dynamics
•  Grief and Loss
•  Workplace transitions
•  Mental health stigma
•  Substance use and abuse

These issues affect business performance by reducing productivity and increasing both planned and unplanned absences. Many of these factors are either preventable or modifiable through skilled intervention by trained professionals.

Our EAP services provide professional intervention that tackle any issues being faced by your staff, and helps them through difficult and stressful periods via peer to peer professional contact and provides follow on education and workshops so that they can get back to wellbeing.

Our place – Your Space

•  We are proud to be able to offer Dublin’s premier talking therapy space, no. 29 Westland Square

•  We have created a comfortable, modern and familiar environment, that is far removed from the traditional feel of counselling centers, and allows clients to stay in their own world.

•  Everything in the centre has been carefully selected to promote a curative atmosphere, from the tasteful furniture to the quality finishes.

•  Remedy is a space to work towards another way, and feel comfortable during this process.

Professionals and Services

Our Counsellors and Consultants are QQI level 8 & 9 qualification holders, and are trained in:

•   1 to 1 Short course counselling (8 sessions)
•  Crises Counselling
•  Bereavement Counselling
•  Depression and Anxiety Counselling
•  Addiction and Substance abuse and misuse
•  Family Systems theory and relationship dynamics
•  Stress response and Management intervention
•  Stress Response and Management workshops
•  Workplace dynamics workshops
•  Mindful approaches to working and relating
•  Mindfulness based stress reduction workshops
•  Workplace critical incident de-briefing and support groups
•  Nutritional therapy & Nutritionist diet planning
•  Peer to Peer executive coaching and business coaching workshops

•Financial wellness consultations with our partnered CFP’s

 •  Corporate Yoga Membership / Corporate Holistic Events – Check out

We have selected professionals who fit in with our view on a modern approach to wellness consultancy, who have relevant life experiences and whom have worked in private and public sector businesses, and are clued in on modern work stresses and the challenges in modern working environments. They have trained for a minimum of 5 years and have relevant clinical experience and are focused on high quality counselling intervention and psycho-education.

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