Wellness Consultancy


Wellness practitioners take the full spectrum of mind, body and soul into consideration in their approach. Bringing awareness of these areas to your life can be empowering and can illicit great change, opening up a new perspective on life, and instilling healthier and more thoughtful approaches.


Each therapy or approach has its own particular strengths, but in general they lead to a fuller understanding of the interplay between mind and body. They can create a new awareness for individuals, which can help them take a more considered approach to stresses and their overall health and well-being.

Why we are unique

Mind, body and soul are like a musical ensemble. Each must be finely tuned, well-nourished, diligently practiced and lovingly maintained in order to reach its full potential.

The wellness therapists at Remedy Clinic Our can use multi-media in the therapy space, connecting clients with resources and information that help them grow and learn outside the therapy space. 

Wellness consultations are carried out in a comfortable and nurturing environment, which makes the experience as rich as possible for clients.

Our Therapists

Name Therapist

Stellar Health Screening

Wellness Consultancy

State of the art health screening service which aims to keep our clients thoroughly informed of their health

Name Therapist

Aneta Baraniak

Wellness Consultancy

Aneta is a MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and MBCT (Mindfulness Based Compassion Living) Teacher certified by European Institute for Mindfulness