Embarking on a counselling journey, especially at Counselling Dublin’s prestigious Remedy Clinic, is akin to embarking on a personal voyage of discovery. You feel a mix of trepidation and hope. But why? What is so hard about this first step?

Unpacking the Emotional Baggage

Imagine holding a backpack filled with stones. Each stone represents a worry, trauma, or unresolved emotion. During your session, you start to take out these stones, examining each one closely, understanding its weight and significance.

The Therapeutic Environment

Walking into the clinic, there’s an immediate sense of warmth and understanding. It’s like stepping into a friend’s cozy living room where you know you’re safe, and your words will be met with empathy.

Feeling Heard and Understood

Have you ever had a conversation where you felt the other person was truly listening? Not just hearing, but listening. That’s the experience here. Your words, feelings, and emotions matter.

Navigating Uncertain Emotions

There’s a river of emotions within us. At times it’s calm, and sometimes it’s turbulent. The session helps in navigating this river, ensuring we don’t drown in our emotions but learn to swim with them.

The Revelation Moments

In every session, there’s usually a ‘eureka’ moment. A point where things become clearer, and connections are made. It’s like fitting a piece into a jigsaw puzzle.

Expectation vs. Reality

Before entering, you may have some ideas or fears about what counselling entails. But the reality? It’s more about self-exploration and personal development than just talking about issues. More about healing than hurting, though the two will collide in the space.

Tools and Techniques Introduced

Counselling isn’t just about talking. It’s also about equipping you with tools to handle life’s challenges. Like learning to fish instead of being given one.

The After-Effects

Exiting the clinic, there’s an overwhelming sense of relief. The world looks a little brighter, feels a bit lighter, and you’re better equipped to face it.

Looking Forward to the Next Session

The journey isn’t over. But there’s an eagerness to continue, to dive deeper, and truly understand oneself.


So, how do you feel after a counselling session at Remedy Clinic in Dublin 2? Empowered, heard, and one step closer to healing.


  1. What can I expect from my first session at Remedy Clinic, Dublin 2?
    • Your first session is primarily about understanding your needs and setting the groundwork for future sessions.
  2. Is everything I share confidential?
    • Absolutely. Confidentiality is a cornerstone of effective counselling.
  3. How often should I attend sessions?
    • This is individualized based on your needs and will be discussed with your therapist.
  4. Is counselling only for those with severe issues?
    • No, counselling is beneficial for anyone looking to understand themselves better or navigate life’s challenges.
    • You can book a session directly HERE or go to our HOME PAGE to see more about Remedy Clinic.

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