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Aine Stanley


Áine Stanley Bsc Hons, MA – Founder of The Healthy Habits Project
The Healthy Habits Project is a one-to-one health and weight loss coaching programme combining straightforward nutrition, mindset change and support every step of the way. The core value of the programme is helping people make positive long-term lifestyle changes in a simple and achievable way.
Áine has a Masters in Health Promotion from NUI Galway and a degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Ulster. This combination of psychology, physiology and nutrition naturally led her to working as a health promotion coach and she has successfully helped hundreds of clients achieve their health and weight loss goals over the last 12 years.
Áine is passionate about helping people learn the skill of creating new habits and how to stick to them. She believes that sustainable weight loss addresses the body and the mind. Therefore she takes a lifestyle based approach that identifies and addresses triggers that can lead to overeating. These triggers can range from poor sleep, low energy and eating on-the-go to stress and emotional eating or eating when bored. She believes that a personalised approach is far more effective than any strict off the shelf diet plan. This is what led her to develop her own coaching programme.
In addition to her health coaching programme she also develops and delivers corporate wellness talks to businesses all over Dublin.
The Healthy Habits programme includes:
 Weekly one-to-one in-person or online coaching sessions.
 Daily support and accountability through email.
 A complete lifestyle assessment to ensure the programme meets your needs and goals.
 A tailored, balanced food plan made specifically for you.
 A full body composition analysis including body fat analysis.
 Advice on how to stop unhealthy habits in their tracks and form new ones.
 Effective strategies to overcome emotional eating.
 Family friendly recipes.
 A tailored maintenance plan to keep the weight off.

Full qualifications & Certifications

MA in Health Promotion from NUI Galway
BA in Biological Sciences from the University of Ulster

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