Clinic Policy – Remedy Clinic

Remedy Clinic

Welcome to Remedy Clinic. Your experience at Remedy is important to us, and we request that you take the time to carefully read the following information. If there is anything that needs further clarity, feel free to contact the central information contact address: or call us on 01-6855832.

Practitioners minimum qualification / standard:

The entry level qualification for a psychotherapeutic residency at Remedy Clinic is; a QQI level 8/9 qualification in Psychotherapy / Counselling. For a psychological service, the requirement is a level 8/9 qualification in psychology and registration with the PSI. All other wellness practitioners and consultants have an equivalent, recognised qualification, and are also fully insured.

Centre compliance / vetting:

Remedy Clinic has its own internal compliance procedures in place for all practicing therapists and consultants. Current professional indemnity insurance, Garda vetting and hard copy verified relevant qualifications including previous experience, are all kept on file by the clinic management.

Clinic enquiry, return contact & Emergencies:

Once you make contact with the centre directly to enquire about any of the services, we will endeavour to ensure you are replied to as follows;

  • e-mails within 48 hours *
  • phone messages left on the centre voicemail within 48 hours *

Phones are answered by our receptionist and all return contact from practitioners will be followed up within the policy time lines.

Weekends are an exception, as the centre phones are not manned on Saturdays or Sundays. All queries made after 12:00 p.m. on a Friday will not be returned until before close of business the following Monday. Voicemails can be left out of hours. Bank holidays and public holidays are also unmanned, and the same applies to return calls.

When you receive a call back, it will be from the centre management or directly from a suggested therapist / consultant.

When leaving a message at the weekends please ensure the following:

Please leave clear messages on the voicemail including your phone number. 

Please ensure emails give your personal contact details including phone number.


If you feel that you are in an emergency situation that requires immediate assistance or psychiatric help – the following are 24hr service’s you can contact:

  • 999 – Medical and other Accident & Emergency
  • 116123 – The Samaritans
  • 01-277 1400 – St. John of Gods
  • 1800 247 247 – Pieta House
  • 1800 77 8888 – Rape Crises Help Line

Your therapist:

Remedy Clinic is a centre for independent practitioners to work from. Your therapist / clinician has exceeded a minimum standard of qualification set by Remedy Clinic and has been Garda vetted, by their accrediting body.

Once you have had an appointment with your therapist / psychologist, they will be your main contact within the Clinic. In order to make any alterations to appointment times, or give notice of cancellations and any other circumstances relevant to your therapy, you will call your therapist directly or email them, on the number provided by them, within normal working hours. 

Your therapist is responsible for your ongoing therapy, and management of same. Remedy Clinic is responsible for the physical working environment within the clinic, and for the initial appointment assignments that come directly into the clinic website or landline and voicemail. Therapists contacted directly through the website forms, are responsible for the response to these, independently.

Intake forms / Confidentiality:

At, or prior to your first session, you may be provided with an in-take form that will be used to keep a record of all relevant personal information that is required to begin therapy. We request that you fill this out as completely as possible. In some cases, where this form is not filled out to the satisfaction of the therapist, therapy may not commence. You will be briefed in relation to the reason for this, and alternative arrangements will be discussed. This will be in the best interest of both the client and therapist. Practitioners at Remedy Clinic reserve the right of discretion in provision of services in instances of demands beyond their professional abilities.

All intake forms are confidential and will be treated by your therapist in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988 and 2003 and subsequent amendments. They will be stored by the therapist responsible for your ongoing therapy off site from Remedy Clinic. Some information will be shared directly with Remedy Clinic for ongoing service user relations, this information is clearly marked on the in-take form and has an option of being opted out of.   

All disclosure within the practitioner, client relationship is privileged and strictly confidential.

There are certain limits to confidentiality however; child protection issues / fear of harm to ones-self or others / legal proceedings and legal hearings. Your therapist will give full detail on request, of these statutory limitations.


The concluding or termination of services is mutually agreed between the practitioners and their clients. In ongoing therapy, there are regular interval review sessions to “check-in” with the client’s progress and satisfaction. It is recommended, that any decision about ending is discussed with your therapist / Consultant, and they will engage in an ending process, that is usually done over a number of sessions, which is also mutually agreed. In circumstance where any violence, physical or verbal abuse or harassment are directed towards the therapists or the centre, your therapist reserves the right to unilaterally and immediately terminate your therapy. Failure to pay or refusal to pay on time is another condition for the termination of therapy.

All fees:

The average standard fee for counselling & psychotherapy at Remedy Clinic is between €55 – €80. This is subject to deviation, depending on the practitioner’s experience, qualifications and methodology. During your consultation, this will be discussed, or at your first full appointment. If these fees do not suit your financial situation, your therapist may be able to accommodate a lower fee service, however there are limited slots available in this respect, and are usually reserved for existing clients going though significant life change, impacting their finances. Missed sessions are subject to full payment, and this is expected to be made within the seven days of your next appointment. Your therapist will not accommodate balances over two sessions in the event you forget to bring payment to the sessions. Some therapists will be able to accommodate card payments. If the fee becomes a concern for you, please alert your therapist, if they cannot accommodate your financial situation, they will give try and refer you to a suitable alternative.