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We provide both counselling and psychotherapy in Dublin 2 and online. Remedy Clinic is located in the heart of the Silicon Docks and is home to over 30 experienced and skilled professionals. Our Location. 

Counselling & Therapy For Everyone

From adult psychotherapy to couples counselling and child and adolescent therapy, Remedy Clinic caters to all age groups. Our mission is to ensure that our clients find the right therapy for their unique needs and achieve the best therapeutic outcome. Counselling in Dublin City at Remedy Clinic is for anyone who wants to improve their mental health.

Expert Counselling in Dublin City

Remedy Clinic’s counselling and therapy team is accredited with Irish bodies such as the IACP, IAHIP and ICP. Psychologists are registered with the PSI. Each therapist brings their passion, understanding and experience to their work with clients.

Companion Services

Remedy Clinic also offers a range of companion well-being services, including MD lifestyle medicine, CORU-registered dieticians and accredited executive coaching.


Our Accrediting Bodies

Counselling & Psychotherapy in Dublin 2

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Martyna Sygula

Martyna is a Counsellor and Psychotherapist who has experience working with a range of issues including; anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, OCD, phobias, childhood trauma…

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Dr. Fernandes de Oliveira

Renata uses an approach that draws on  dream analysis and expressive arts therapy. She works with a range of issues including psychosis, bipolar disorders, depression, anxiety,…

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Maureen Levy

Maureen’ has a background in the Arts alongside over 25 years’ experience working in the areas of mental health, art therapy…

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Remedy Clinic Dublin

Breda Farrell

Breda provides one to one counselling and psychotherapy for adults. She works using a person centred approach . Breda works with loss and bereavement, depression…

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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Information on our range of services

Psychotherapy Dublin | Click here for information on Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy in Dublin

Increase both your self-awareness and emotional resilience, and generally improve your mental health and wellbeing.

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Remedy Clinic Dublin

Counselling in Dublin City

Quality and afforable counselling services. Professional support through life events and challenges

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Remedy Clinic Dublin

Wellness Services

Create positive change in your life with our functional medicine consultant, nutritional therapists or through life coaching

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Remedy Clinic Dublin


Reliable, affordable, and easy access to help you cope with various issues from anywhere.

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Articles From Counsellors in Dublin

The latest from Remedy Clinic & Psychotherapists in Dublin

Boundary Setting

Life is a constant juggle of relationships, responsibilities, and expectations. Many individuals find themselves lost in the maze of managing others’ needs…

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Therapeutic Alliance

Starting therapy can be daunting for many. However, the cornerstone of effective therapy isn’t just the techniques used, but the bond formed between the therapist and client. This bond, known as the therapeutic alliance, is the emotional and collaborative connection that facilitates healing and transformation.

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Man walking around in circle due to lack of ambition

That Same Old Feeling

That same old feeling(s). Frustration, anger, irritability. A constant internal dialogue of inner criticism and a borderline abusive..

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Remedy Clinic Dublin
Remedy Clinic Dublin


Frequently Asked Question About Psychotherapy in Dublin

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FAQ Page / Our Location

What happens in the first session / consultation?

Starting Therapy

Deciding to see a counselor or therapist is a big step. Your first session involves an assessment to understand your situation. All therapists have professional training and can help with your issues. They’ll suggest the right approach for you. You can continue weekly if you want. If necessary, they can refer you to a doctor or specialist.

Choosing the Right Therapist

You can decide if the therapist is a good fit in the first session. If not, we’ll schedule another session with a different therapist. It’s important that you’re comfortable with your choice.

Check-In Sessions

Your therapist will have occasional check in sessions to talk about your progress and how you’re feeling.

Our Team

We have a team of over 30 counselors and therapists in Dublin. We can connect you with the right person to help you. We’re here for you when you need counseling or psychotherapy in Dublin 2 or online.

How long does counselling or therapy last?

Counselling vs. Psychotherapy: Key Differences and Duration

Seeking mental health support? Understand the distinctions between counseling and psychotherapy, plus their durations. Both offer valuable help, yet their time frames vary considerably.


Counseling is short to medium-term, tailored to periods of stress or crises. Its duration depends on your needs, lasting as long as necessary. Your counselor outlines an initial minimum duration for maximum benefit, adapting as therapy progresses.

Counseling aids in navigating specific issues like life transitions, relationships, or anxiety. Goal-driven, it equips you with practical tools for current challenges. It naturally concludes or transitions to long-term psychotherapy if needed.


Psychotherapy is an extended, explorative process, spanning months or years. In-depth, it delves into emotional and mental root causes. Duration is at your discretion.

Psychotherapy fosters self-understanding, addressing thought patterns, past experiences’ impact, and emotional exploration within a supportive space. Duration is a collaborative decision with your therapist’s support.

Duration Comparison:

Counselling lasts weeks to months, while psychotherapy can extend over years. In longer term work review sessions are part of the process and are done from time to time to check in on the work. Read our full article on “What if the difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy”.

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Are the counsellors professionals?

Accredited Therapists:

The clinic has highly trained therapists who have earned at least a Bachelor of Arts Hons. degree or higher. They are recognized by important Irish Therapy organizations like IACP and IAHIP, APPI and ICP. All therapists continue to meet high standards and stay up to date with their work through these organizations.


Your privacy is very important to Remedy Clinic. They have strict rules to protect your personal information, so you can trust them with your therapy.

Integrative Therapy Approach:

Remedy Clinic understands that every person is different. Their therapists are trained to use a humanistic and integrative approach, which means they tailor the therapy to your specific needs. They have experience helping with various mental health issues like anxiety, depression, addiction, and trauma.

Supportive Counselling in Dublin City:

We understand that seeking out for mental health help can be tough. We are there to help you improve your quality of life and are experienced at what we do. You can contact us to schedule an appointment with confidence that you are linking in with great professionals who are passionate about their work and helping others.

Fees- Counselling & Psychotherapy

Initial Consultation – €55

We offer an initial consultation for €55 to help individuals determine if therapy is right for them. This session type can be carried out online or in person and lasts for 35 minutes – BOOK NOW

Ongoing Counselling & Psychotherapy From €70

Regular sessions are available for €70 to €100 and last for 50 minutes. The exact price varies based on the practitioner selected and whether the session is carried out online or in person.

Low Cost Counselling in Dublin City – Enquire  

Some practitioners offer lower cost services outside of peak hours – Enquire for details.

Read more about “How much does counselling cost in Dublin” for price comparisons in Dublin City Centre.

Terms Of Service

Finally; Psychotherapy and counselling are ongoing processes that require a fixed weekly time slot to be effective, please read our T&C’s for all terms relating to engaging in therapy.

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