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Remedy Clinic caters to clients of all ages as a talking therapy & wellness consultancy service. We offer affordable counselling and psychotherapy from accredited therapists with robust clinical training and experience, as well as nutritional therapy, coaching & lifestyle medicine consultancy. Founded in 2017, we are a modern psychotherapy, wellness, and counselling provider located in the heart of Dublin on Pearse Street.

A Space That Encourages Growth 

Remedy Clinic is a leading provider of counselling and psychotherapy in both Dublin City Centre and online. We are dedicated to providing a comfortable, safe, and healthy environment in which personal problems and issues can be explored to support positive change. Our team of emotionally intelligent and highly skilled, hand-picked therapists, are here to help you achieve your goals in personal development and healing.

Remedy Clinic Dublin

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Meet our skilled mental health and wellness professionals who have years of clinical experience.  Every team members goal is to help you better your personal wellbeing. All of them are passionate about helping others and creating positive change.

Remedy Clinic Dublin

Renata Redyk

Renata works with clients using an active yet empathetic approach. She uses various techniques to combat anxiety, depression, bereavement, trauma, PTSD, OCD, mood/personality disorders, relationship issues, misophonia and much more.

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Dr. Fernandes de Oliveira

Renata has a collaborative approach that uses dream analysis and expressive arts therapy as tools in the therapeutic process. She works with psychosis, bipolar disorders, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, relationships difficulties, critical patients

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Maureen Levy

Maureens background in the Arts alongside over 25 years’ experience working/facilitating in the areas of mental health, art therapy, education & training.
Passionate about positive mental health…

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Remedy Clinic Dublin

Breda Farrell

Breda offers a safe space for one-on-one counselling and psychotherapy for adults. She offers a humanistic and person-centred experience. Breda works with loss and bereavement, depression, anxiety, gender issues, sexual identity, self-esteem and self-expression, and women’s health…

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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Here at Remedy Clinic, our services are focused on enhancing and developing your general and psychological wellbeing. We have been helping thousands of people people make real changes in their lives since 2017.

Remedy Clinic Dublin


Increase your self-awareness, emotional resilience and improve your mental health and wellbeing.

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Remedy Clinic Dublin


Quality and afforable counselling services offering professional support through life events and challenges



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Remedy Clinic Dublin

Wellness Consultancy

Create positive change in your life with our functional medicine consultant, nutritional therapists or through life coaching



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Remedy Clinic Dublin


Offering reliable, affordable, and easy access to help you cope with various issues from anywhere.



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Mental Health & Wellness Blogs

The latest from the Remedy Clinic.

Blurred people rushing to work in need of counselling

Return To The Office

Habituation is the process of becoming accustomed to something, led by our basest of learning mechanisms – the stimulus response (classic conditioning) action. We had learned to avoid the other, 2m to be precise. Not to make physical contact…


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New Year – Positive Change

As the new year approaches, it’s natural to reflect on the past year and think about ways to improve in the coming months…

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Man walking around in circle due to lack of ambition

That Same Old Feeling

That same old feeling(s). Frustration, anger, irritability. A constant internal dialogue of inner criticism and a borderline abusive..

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Feedback From Counselling & EAP Clients

Remedy Clinic Dublin


Frequently Asked Question

Are you looking to consult a professional with 6+ years of training & experience?
Do not hesitate to contact us at or 01-6855832
We’re here to help you create change.

What happens in the first session / consultation?

Taking the first step in contacting a counsellor / therapist for an appointment is a big step. Once you have made it to your appointment you will be given an introduction to the process involved. Your therapist has undergone a professional training course in a third level institution and is fully trained in client assessment. They will be able to suggest to you what they believe is the right course of action for you to undertake. This will sometimes mean a referral back to your GP, referral to another more suitably trained / focused counsellor for your issue, or indeed that the counselling / therapy can proceed. In any instance, you will be given guidance in what is the right approach for you to consider, and decide upon. You will also be able to decide whether or not you are happy with proceeding with the therapist you have met. If you feel, that they are not suitable for you, the clinic can arrange an alternative appointment with another clinician. These processes are highly individual, and it is important that you are satisfied with your therapist, and you feel they are somebody you can work with.

How long does counselling or therapy last?

Counselling is short / medium term, and focused around specific periods of stress and crises, and lasts for as long as a client feels they need to be supported through their issues. Counselling can come to a natural end, or can progress into longer term psychotherapy. A counsellor will discuss a meaningful, minimum duration at the initial consultancy, this will be put in place in order to maximize the benefit of the counselling for the client, with their specific issue in mind. This may evolve as the counselling progresses, and will be discussed as part of the counselling process. Psychotherapy is a longer term, uncovering and explorative process that can last for months or even years, generally it will last for the period of time a person feels is appropriate for them. When a client feels they have benefitted as much as they can from the therapy, they may end therapy, move onto another therapist, or give it a break for a period of time and return. The requirement of the client, the depth of the work, and the progress of the therapy are all determining factors in how long it will last. It is a fully autonomous process, and all time frame arrangements and choices can be mutually agreed with your therapist and will be supported by them. This will be managed in an appropriate and professional manner. Your therapist, will periodically conduct review sessions, to check in with you, and evaluate the process and your progress.

Are the counsellors qualified professionals?

Yes. Every counselling & psychotherapy practitioner at Remedy Clinic will have achieved a Bachelor of Arts Hons. or higher qualification that is recognized by one of the notable Irish Psychotherapy accrediting bodies. These bodies include the IACP, or the Irish Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy and IAHIP, or the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy, among others. These bodies require members to become associates and ultimately accredited by them over the duration of membership. Within this, is a requirement for continuing professional development, which ensure psychotherapists are keeping up to date with industry standards. With this in mind, you can be assured of the quality of therapists at Remedy Clinic.

Fees- Counselling & Psychotherapy

We offer an initial consultation for €55 for those who want to see what therapy is about and if it is right for them, this is online or in-person and is a 40 min intro conducted by a senior team member, and needs to be booked through our booking system – All other appointments are regular & full Consultations from €70-€100 – Fees vary for practitioners and also vary for online and in person sessions – contact practitioners directly on their forms for individual pricing for a 50 min psychotherapy or counselling session. Some of our practitioners accommodate lower cost service outside of peak hours, and have their arrangements for this detailed on their bios. Please fill out the contact form for more information on availability and any queries you may have. *Note; counselling and psychotherapy are ongoing processes that require a fixed weekly time slot for them to progress and be of benefit to the client. Missed and cancelled appointments with less than 48 hours notice are payable in full to the practitioners. Payments can be made at the end of each session with the therapist by cash, also, some therapist accept card payments via stripe. Each therapist goes through their own terms at the beginning of the therapeutic process, and will make you aware of their cancellation polices, fee arrangements / concessions, and other important items that may vary slightly from the clinic policy. *Note – Clinic policy requires missed sessions to be paid to therapists, or to accord with the therapists and clients mutually agreed terms.

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