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Declan Gernon


Declan holds an honours degree in counselling and psychotherapy from Dublin Business School and a post-graduate diploma in psychotherapeutic studies from Independent Colleges. He works with a wide range of issues including depression, addiction, anxiety, relationship issues and low self-esteem.
Declan focuses on a psychodynamic approach, which recognises the importance of past experience and how it shapes current behaviour and relationships. In brief, psychodynamic therapy enables the individual to examine unresolved conflicts and symptoms that arise from past dysfunctional relationships. The approach focuses on the dynamics of relating, and in particular how some aspects may be occurring between client and therapist. A deeper understanding is gained through analysis of the client’s thoughts, feelings, dreams, and memories, following any thread which associates them to previous relationships or situations.
“Whatever issue that you, the client, present with, I work with the whole person. Together we explore not only how you experience yourself in relation to the problem, but to others in your life, to your values, as well as to me, the therapist. We examine the problem – whether depression, addiction, anxiety etc. – in the context of your worldview, its underlying attitudes, and how you interpret the significance of your relationships and life events. The process inevitably takes you back to that time in your childhood when you were dependent on others. This is not to apportion blame, but to understand the influences that shaped you in your early years of development and which still live on in your relationships today.”

Declan’s fees are €60 per appointment, Declan also accommodates a lower cost service for those in reduced circumstances.

Full qualifications & Certifications

honours degree in counselling and psychotherapy
post-graduate diploma in psychotherapeutic studies


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