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Workplace Issues:

The workplace hosts the second most frequented group in our lives, second only to the family of origin and immediate family. Having colleagues to rely on in a working environment is a vital support in this area of our lives. Like any group (including our families) it can be an amazing place of nourishment and support, however it also can bring its challenges. People are people no matter what the setting, and each member of the team brings themselves and their understanding of dynamics and their place in the world along with them into this environment. Groups are fascinating things, within a group we can identify the role which we have developed for ourselves over the course of our lives by being in other groups e.g. at home, in school, in team sports etc. Where we find we are challenged by others in work, are contending with toxic people or cultures and are generally unhappy with the environment, it can be a really helpful process to engage with a counsellor or psychotherapist to work on this.

Symptoms of unhealthy workplace and impact it can have:

  • Absenteeism, taking time off to avoid the workplace
  • Presenteeism, spending too much time at work or on emails to please superiors or excessively compete with colleagues
  • Feeling isolated – not being supported
  • Passive agressive conduct, inability to speak openly and directly in work
  • Bullying or feeling marginalised
  • Never being prized for work well done – generating resentment
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Excessive and prolonged stress

Working on yourself to help with workplace issues:

Talking therapies are amazing tools for opening up dialogue and perspectives about how you experience the world. We can never change our environments or other people, but it is possible to have a healthier response to others in challenging situations, and realise that a lot of how we experience other people and environments comes from what we learned in early childhood. Character structure work guided by a skilled Psychotherapist looks at how you present today. It asks what your core beliefs about yourself are, which of these are helpful and which are not.  It also queries your relationship with yourself and seeks to uncover how your came to understand relationships and your role in them – including your relationship with yourself. Within this process, there are many things to learn about yourself that will shift your exerience of others, free up more mental space to help you function better, reduce anxiety as well as getting less tangled up in unheathy relationship dyanamics.



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